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Reservations and Payment
Reservations are recommended to guarantee availability and are made on a first come first served basis, a quote is not a reservation and does not guarantee availability. A credit card number is required to make a reservation. A 50% of total rental deposit is required to reserve all rentals; this deposit is non-refundable. The balance is due on the day of delivery/installation and is charged to the credit card provided upon pick-up once all rentals are checked over and final invoice is issued. Acceptable forms of payment include Visa, Master Card and Discover. Total payment is required for Pop Up Tent and Market Umbrella reservations.
Rental Period
Most rates are shown as a one day charge. This includes one day for delivery and installation, one day use, and one day for take-down and pick up. If you require your tent rental for extended times, please contact our office for availability and rates. All rental charges are for time out, whether used or not.
How are tents secured?
All tents need to be secured. Tent rentals include standard staking on Grass, Gravel or Dirt. The customer must insure that the ground where the tent is to be installed is clear of any underground services. This includes: Natural Gas, Sprinklers, Power and Water Mains. Our crew will attempt to locate any utilities when possible but ultimately the responsibly rests with the customer to insure that ground is clear. We offer additional options for securing tents if staking is not an option. Please speak to your representative for additional costs.
Permits & Licenses
The customer is responsible for obtaining any and all permits required for the installation of tents.
Delivery and Pick-up
Deliveries are a door to door service and include installation of the tent(s) and Pick-up include take down of the tent(s); Pop Up Tent setup is not included. Deliveries are made between 8:00am and 5:00pm seven days a week. We ask for a 6-hour window for drop off and pick up times. If you require a specific time or after hours delivery or pick up an additional fee will be charged. There will be extra charges for stairs, elevator access, difficult access and/or difficult installation or if there is any wait time or additional labour required ($80.00 per hour/man).
Does the crew setup and takedown tables and chairs?
Not without pre-booking. Setup and take down is available at a cost of $2.00/Chair and $4.00/Table and other rentals. This service requires pre-booking as our delivery drivers do not have time to setup and take down tables and chairs unless previously arranged. Should our drivers need to stack tables and chairs without prior arrangement, the cost is $3.00/Chair and $6.00/Table.
Condition of Tent Rentals
Prior to delivery, the entire area designated for the tent(s) must be cleared and free of debris. Prior to Pick-up, all items under the tent must be dismantled and cleared from the area. Under no circumstance is any person that is not an employee of Pacific Coast Tents Inc. permitted to install, relocate, move or take down the tent or any component of the tent (including walls, liners & pole drapes), additional charges may be incurred in doing so. If you require any assistance with the tent at any time please call our office.
Responsibility for Tents
Responsibility for tents and all rentals remains with the customer from receipt to return. BBQs are not permitted under the tents, unless you have rented a tent designated for BBQ/cooking. Pins, staples, tape and other adhesives are not permitted for hanging posters, banners or decorations, as these can damage the tent surfaces and poles. Customers are responsible for all damages to any and all components of the tent and all rentals. The customer agrees to pay for all damages and/or replacement fees that occur over the duration of the rental.
Cancellation and Changes
If you cancel your reservation you will lose any deposit you have paid. If you cancel the reservation within 3 days of the delivery date, the outstanding balance will remain due and will be charged to the credit card on file. We ask for all final changes to a reservation to be called in 3 days prior to delivery. All efforts will be made to accommodate all changes but we cannot guarantee availability.

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